You’re Welcome, I’m Sure

” I have occasionally been criticized for writing rubbish about the photographic arts and sciences, and I can certainly agree with that charge. I do put words to unworthy thoughts and waft them out over the WordPress. I’m afraid that the nature of this weblog column…a free theme weblog column…is such they can be made to fall unbidden onto the screens of my readers at no cost to myself. I should like to apologise for this.

I should like to, but I am kept from doing it by further thought; that if I do not give voice to wrong ideas, and spark in you the equally strong conviction that they are wrong, you might never be drawn to correct thought at all. I may sometimes be a compass that points South when you want to sail to Spitzbergen, but all you need do is spurn my advice, damn me, and veer round. And you will have done it with your own thoughts and sail on a stronger tide of intellect because of that.

I wonder if I could tax this? The catalyzation of your own latent ability to tell the difference between a brioche and a horse bun? If my writing has made it possible for you to do this before you bite down on the thing, you are well ahead of the game. Surely that is worth a few dollars in an envelope slipped under the door. ”

The foregoing paragraphs will be printed in my commercial column on the next occasion when someone writes in and chastises me for error. Depending upon the intellect of the critic, their complaint may be for either bad facts, wrong spelling, or controversial opinion. With a bit of luck it will provoke them further – hopefully into a barrage of repeated complaint and justification. On a private free column like this one it would be a nuisance, but on a commercial one it is a wonderful net to trap further readers and drive their eyes past the advertising.

And who knows – someone may even pay me to be silent.



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