The Porta Mono

I see Godox is coming out with a slightly smaller version of their portable studio monoblock…this one to feature 400w/s output. It emulates a studio monoblock in nearly all aspects plus it has an integral lithium ion battery with a useful amount of electricity. The preliminary specs say 390 full-power pops.

Even allowing for the sort of ” advantage ” inherent in a manufacturer’s claim…and I mentally apply a 22% discount to any of this stuff…the idea of getting that much power that can be dropped to 1/2 or 1/4 and still be good for dance shows is very attractive. The block is said to be responsive to wireless control from my brand of camera, though exactly how is not specified. I’d suspect that you’ll be asked to buy a Godox transmitter as well.

The clever thing about the Godox proposal is that you can get cheap adapters to all sorts of different modifier systems. Plus you can slim and lighten the block by unbolting the handle at the back or the tilting mount on the bottom. The fact that it also has an LED panel as the modelling light means it is far less fragile for a field trip.

As much as I love my Elinchroms in the studio or the Fujifilm speedlight out in the field*, this new option looks very attractive. I shall watch our local retail and wholesale suppliers very carefully to see if the price is at all feasible.

*  When it works…


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