Credit Where it Is Due

Fujifilm have scored again in the credibility stakes.

I use their equipment and have gathered up a number of bodies and accessories in the last 6 years. One of the latest expensive buys was an EF-X500 flash. It’s their newest speed light with the sort of modern features and performance that pro shooters need. For 17 months it did all I asked of it.

Then one day it didn’t…and googling the various forums showed me that other people overseas had experienced similar failures – the flash just quit cold one day with no indication why. I was appalled that the life of something that expensive could be that short. Apparently it was a factory fault in the earliest serial number units…and wouldn’t you know it; mine was in the affected range.

I sent it to our national distributors, Fujifilm Australia – and within an hour of receiving the parcel, they had emailed acknowledgement that it had been received and that a fresh example would be sent back out to me. It arrived yesterday – with a much later serial number – and works perfectly.

I understand the problem for them – new things sometimes do have intrinsic flaws – and I applaud their good sense and customer loyalty in rectifying the situation as rapidly as they did. They are a good firm to deal with.


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