Being Afraid To Mix And Match

It is as well that the Apple Company does not make large digital cameras and lenses. Or tripods, memory cards, and flash guns. If they did, we would be swamped with ever-more-zombie-like fan people trying to do every blessed thing in life with an Apple logo on the front of it.

They…err…we…are bad enough as it is. My desk in front of me has an iMac, an Apple super CD burner, and an iPod. It has Apple programs installed by both the factory and myself. It once had the Apple Aperture editing program – until they pulled the plug on it themselves. A totally Apple workflow from concept to finished print might be possible depending upon what companies they bought up, but I am unsure whether it would make for better pictures or a better experience.

I must admit to a little fanboy blinkered thinking in the last times of film – I concentrated on Linhof and Hasselblad gear and tried to do everything with their products. It was possible to a degree – but they were both at a point in their marketing when their attempts to dominate a market had passed and they were content to do what they best did. Indeed, they may have contracted their vision a little too far – Hasselblad wavered and went very strange in the early part of this century and Linhof even went so far as to forget how to speak English. As a result, no-one seeks them out, buys their equipment, or talks to them. They have little real part of the digital world territory.

I have also been led astray in the digital era in concentrating a little too much on the Fujifilm system – And the concentration is all my own doing. Their cameras are wonderful and their lenses all that one could want. Their flashes are not as good – and they have made the electronics so private that few other makers have been able to supply other alternatives. So much effort on new bodies, and so little effort on lighting systems.

So it behooves me to look about. The failed Fujifilm flash was replaced under warranty but if I want more I need to seek others. The Chinese have a number of makers who do suitable goods – any prejudice about them is rapidly being dissipated by continued good performance – and they still market the flashes at a price that is affordable.

It is time to take the paper bag to the candy shop and mix and match the sweets.



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