Oh Say, Can You See…

By the donderly light.

Donderly light is a very special illumination that comes to photographic writers when they have run out of batteries for their flash gun. It is more common amongst people who live a long way away from you…no matter where you live. If it were closer, it would be seen by more of the readers who would recognise it as common. Being held at a distance, it can be praised up like the Emperor’s new clothes.

Donderly light is used by many advertisers to show the new products that they have just invented about fifteen years ago. If you shine it on them they change colour – hopefully to something fashionable that can be sold. Fifteen years of old stock is damned tough to clear.

It can also be used by research and development departments to blind their colleagues in other parts of the camera company when it comes time for the annual budget allocation meeting. The R&D boys turn on the donderly and everything they illuminate with it has a rosy glow of profit about it. The fact that they are also holding up the tea lady for her small change and vacuuming down the back of the corporate sofa cushions is beside the point. The donderly is shining and the future looks bright.

Battery-powered donderlies are available for meetings held al fresco.

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