Herr Haubitze Bought A Leica

It was 1955. Herr Haubitze entered the Zentral Foto shop at Piefkestr. 60 and went to the counter. He asked the sales assistant for a Leica M3 camera and a 50mm Summicron lens to fit it.

Considerably poorer, he exited with the new camera, a roll of Agfa film, and the adventure of a lifetime.

Reel forward to 2023. Herr Haubitze had his adventure. His executor distributed his estate to the children and grand children, one of whom got the M3 Leica and the lens in a brown leather protective case.

It still worked. Perfectly. Herr Haubitze had it serviced by Leitz every two decades. The grandchild could now take a new roll of Kodak or Ilford film out of the local camera store and carry right on where Herr H left off. Or transfer the f:2 Summicron to a new digital Leica M….and carry right on.

Couldn’t do that with Nikon, or Canon, or Minolta, or Fujifilm, or Rollei, or Pentax…And that’s how Herr Haubitze won the 68-year game.


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