The Constant Update

This is v 3.5 of this post. You should install it in your brain and trash the previous versions.

Two of the pleasing aspects of life on Earth are the fact that the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west, and gravity makes things fall down. People have grown accustomed to these occurrences and most would not like to see them change.

It is another matter entirely with the electronic universe – we are always being bombarded with new updates to older updates, and are made to feel deficient if we do not instantly accept them. Indeed, we may find that the devices and programs we have paid for are rendered useless by a failure to update them. It is not the hackers and criminals we need to fear – it is the software developers. THEY are the ones that infect our lives and shut us down.

Is change inevitable? Yes.

Is it desirable? Possibly.

Is it helpful? Not necessarily.

Is it welcome? No.

A message to the updaters: In most cases, leave the sleeping dogs lie. Old programs that work are better for the user than new ones that do not. Ditto equipment, and relatives.

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