Brick Me Daddy

Eight to the bar.

We often hear of people having cameras and electronic equipment stolen while on holidays. Mostly it is overseas, but then overseas is home for lots of crooked people anyway.

I do not wish the thieves well, whoever they are. The excuses that are made for them are so much eyewash.

But it is hard to protect and impossible to recover some stolen goods – the pickpocket and snatcher in some South American plaza is as safe as in his own hovel – no tourist will ever get their camera back.

The answer, if increased vigilance is not practised, is a local thug paid off to protect the visitor. As much a risk as the bare thief. You can also take travel or specific insurance and hope not to be targeted. But wouldn’t it be interesting if you could carry a small token deep in your travel pocket or passport wallet that sent a safe-to-go signal to your camera or phone?

If the device is stolen and moves out of a 10 ft. range, the device bricks. No reward for the thief.

You choose whether the device can be run again after it meets it’s signal or whether it is just forever dead.

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