” I Read This Review…”

Keep reading. Gather more of them. Search different websites and watch different YouTube channels.

Ask around at the club – at the school. Ask at the pub. Ask at the dinner table. make notes of all the answers and prepare a data base for yourself, cross-referencing the opinions. Go to the public library and ask for a book on the subject – take it home – and enjoy the out-dated information that it will provide.

Then come into a shop and stare at the prospective purchase in the glass cabinet. If it is not there, stare at where it might be in a year’s time. Ask the person behind the counter when it is coming in and try not to weep or snigger at the answer.

Canvas their opinion – it will be as informed as any considering the fact that they have been reading the press releases from the advertiser and have not had the device in their hand at all. If they are positive you can be negative, and vice versa. Neither of you need be embarrassed by being right or wrong, as the goods are not going to be seen for months – if at all.

Nearly as much fun as taking up religion and asking for concrete answers…or taking up concrete work religiously.


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