I Have Sent Off For A Lens

Along with about 56,000 other people this morning. Hopefully we are not competing for the same one.

In my case it is not a new release, though I am purchasing a new example of it. I made a series of conscious decisions that I urge other people to do as well:

a. I did not desire the lens until I needed it – specifically what its design and optical performance could do for a specific shoot I have planned.

b. I researched the results others get with it via the internet – and some of the reports were very even-handed about it.

c. I tried to do what it does with current lenses – and decided this was better at the work, despite the fact that it would cost money.

d. I analysed whether the money spent would be good value – I think so.

e. I scouted to see if it could be obtained locally or at least tried out locally. No luck – while it appears on many online sales pages, no-one in my town stocks it.

f. I priced the various internet shops to see who was cheapest – and then looked to see whether they have any real presence in the country. Many did not – relying on an overseas factory to drop-ship with vague delivery times.

g. I chose an on-line chop with actual premises – and could confirm these by a current Google maps search and images of the place.

h. The money transaction went with a two-stage authentication from my bank. Even old guys like me can decipher SMS texts and enter numbers.

i. I paid a little extra for Australia Post Express delivery and tracking facilities. We do not lose many parcels here, so all should be well.

You can do much the same in your various countries – but choosing a real shop in a real suburb in a real city is an advantage that makes up for a slightly higher price.


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